Wonderware PCN Compliance – CS15701766

Project Name : Wonderware PCN Compliance – CS15701766

Client/End User : ConocoPhillips Indonesia

Year : 2011-2014



ConocoPhillips Indonesia requires engineering and maintenance including the manpower, tools and services to complete System Engineer for supporting Wonderware PCN Compliance service at ConocoPhillips Indonesia’s Areas.

Contractor shall perform the Work at ConocoPhillips Indonesia’s office in Jakarta. However, the Work may require site visits to offshore and onshore production facilities or other remote locations for assessment, data collection, data verification and visual surveys.

Contractor shall have support letter from Wonderware or its Sole Agent in Indonesia.


Scope of Work

The scope of work will include but not limited to as follows:

  1. Process Control Network Security

Under directions of ConocoPhillips Indonesia, Contractor shall assess the existing gaps and provide all necessary recommendations for improvement of Process Control Network (PCN) security, especially for all related Wonderware products installed in ConocoPhillips Indonesia’s sites.

  1. Automation and Control System Integration

Conduct assessment and provide recommendation of Industrial Automation System Integration that are installed at ConocoPhillips Indonesia’s facilities especially for Wonderware products to other systems, including but not limited to DeltaV, Honeywell DCS, Allen Bradley PLC, Power Automation Systems (Siemens, ABB), etc.

  1. Automation and Control System Maintenance, Development and Modification

Conduct the maintenance, modification/development, installation, and/or troubleshooting on Process Control Systems.

  1. Enhancement Study for Automation and Control System

Conduct study or assessment of the specified control system or sub system to identify and recommend improvement/enhancement areas. The objective is to improve the safety, performance and capacity of the plant. It shall include “Process Control Network Security” related to all Wonderware products.

  1. Alarm Management System Development and Maintenance

Develop and/or maintain/troubleshooting the alarm management system in order to improve the performance of the alarm system. Some examples of the activities include:

  1. Alarm Rationalization/review (comply with EEMUA 191)
  2. Identification and elimination of nuisance alarms
  3. Master Alarm documentation
  4. Alarm Reporting tools (configured by area)
  1. Data Reconciliation/Validation

Conduct Data Reconciliation and validation to ConocoPhillips Indonesia’s assets which may consist of the following sequence:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Pre-processing and screening
  3. Classification and solvability
  4. Data reconciliation
  5. Mass Balance checking
  6. Reporting
  1. Enterprise Integration System

Wonderware Intelligence Software enables to gather, store, and report on both historical and real-time operational data, using a dashboard to present Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are used to visualize, tune and maximize operations.

  1. Replacement/Revamp/New Control Systems Design

If required by the ConocoPhillips Indonesia, Contractor shall perform the detail design of new

control system or detail design on the existing system to be replaced/revamped. The design should be based on reliability improvement goals. Contractor should have design scheme options and formally presented to the user if required.

  1. Training Programs

Conduct training to the appointed ConocoPhillips Indonesia’s personnel to improve their technical competency in the technical discipline. Contractor shall provide suitably qualified discipline specialists for such training.

  1. Automation and Control System Documentation

Develop as-built system documentation related with but not limited to Automation System, Network Configuration, Data Flow Diagram, I/O List, Control Narrative, Functional Specification, based on field documentation and field verification, update the documentation such application operating manual, maintenance/troubleshooting manual, or other type of procedures related with ConocoPhillips Indonesia operation and maintenance of Automation System, especially for all Wonderware product installed on ConocoPhillips Indonesia’s sites. The development, revision, and/or update should conform to ConocoPhillips Indonesia standard and International Standard. After development of the procedure, the Contractor will be required to socialize and/or provide training to the user groups.



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