UPS and Standby Power System Course


The availability of reliable power supply is very important in various industries. Because the existing power supply cannot be relied, various measures have to be taken to improve the reliability and quality of power supply. The most common methods are using uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and standby power generating units. Various UPSs and power generating units are available in the market. Quality and reliability improvements cannot be achieved, however, if this equipment are not installed, operated, and maintained properly. Suitable engineers, operators, and technicians should be prepared by the industry to maintain and operate the UPS and standby power generating units.

  • Describe the uninterruptible power supply components
  • Describe the proper installation, operation, maintenance of UPSs
  • Describe standby power generating unit components
  • Describe the operation and maintenance of diesel engines and alternators
  • Describe the proper installation and maintenance of combination of UPS and standby power systems
Course Outline
  • Standby and Power Generating Sets
    • Generating set and supporting system
    • Alternating current generator
    • Diesel engine
    • Voltage regulators and speed governors
    • Fuel systems
    • Lubrication and cooling
  • Standby and Normal Supplies
    • Essential and Nonessential loads
    • Interconnection with the normal supply
    • Neutral grounding
    • Protection of the standby supply
  • Generator
    • Generator principle and construction
    • Performance of generator
    • Excitation system and AVR
    • Protection system
    • Maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Harmonic problems
    • Harmonic sources
    • Harmonic problems
    • Harmonic mitigation methods
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
    • Static UPS components
    • Rotary UPS
    • Battery chargers
    • Inverter
    • Static switches
    • UPS maintenance
  • Batteries
    • Types of Cell
    • Lead acid and nickel cadmium
    • Battery maintenance
Laboratory Exercise
  • Regulations and Safety standards
Recommended Prerequisite

Knowledge in UPS

What would you get?

Certificate, USB Flash-drive containing training material, Notebook, Documentation, Lunch and refreshment

Who should attend?

Electrical and Maintenance Engineers


3 Days

Course Agenda

UPS and Standby Power

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