Reliability Improvement Program

Sylabus Training Day-1 : Introduction and Basic Reliability Concept Introduction to World Class Maintenance Basic Concept of Maintenance & Reliability (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, MTTF, MTBF, etc) System Reliability Block Diagram (Series, Parallel, K out of N) Basic Statistic for Reliability Hands-On Day-2 : Reliability Improvement Process-1 Improvement Flow Chart Asset Management System Overview – PAS-55 […]

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Maintenance & Reliability

Development of Maintenance and Integrity System Development of Maintenance and Integrity system   shall be based on management of Risk and Reliability. This to ensure that MIS is align with availability target of the facilty and also align with AIPSM requirement –Asset Integrity Process Safety Management.  It started with  Asset Register and evaluation of risk based

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Instrument Reliability

BACKGROUND Current “de facto” practice, Instrumentation and Control System (ICS) Failure was the biggest contributor to Loss Production, especially in oil and gas industry. We often found following conditions in real world. Instrument & Control often “overlooked” by the traditional RCM & other reliability planning methods, being considered as “small” entities Paradoxically, the profit loss

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