Automation Service

SPC has extensive experiences in providing support to Automation and Process Control System projects. The Engineering services include Feasibility Study, Engineering design, Installation, Modification and Commissioning for Process Control System, SCADA, PLC, DCS, OPC Server, Alarm Management System, Automation Asset Management System (Factory Talk Asset Centre- FTAC), HMI, and Process Historian. Read More

EMS (Energy Monitoring System)

Energy Monitoring ™

Various energy efficiency programs have been implemented by the industry in order to minimize carbon emissions and to improve operating efficiency. The simplest and most common practice is to reduce operating hours, although it may sacrifice convenience and, eventually, company’s profit. A more effective way is to monitor energy usage in real-time manner, and optimize equipment operating hours during peak load using Energy Monitoring ™. Read More

Engineering Design

We provide multi-disciplined engineering services related to Automation & SCADA field to a broad range of clients including Oil & Gas companies, Manufacturing companies, and even the government. Read More

Instrument Reliability


Current “de facto” practice, Instrumentation and Control System (ICS) Failure was the biggest contributor to Loss Production, especially in oil and gas industry. We often found following conditions in real world. Read More

Maintenance & Reliability

Development of Maintenance and Integrity System

Development of Maintenance and Integrity system   shall be based on management of Risk and Reliability. This to ensure that MIS is align with availability target of the facilty and also align with AIPSM requirement –Asset Integrity Process Safety Management. Read More

Pipeline Management System


Intelligent Pipeline Solution specializes in flow assurance and process optimization.  We provide a unique blend of experience and dynamic simulation familiarity focused on distilling results into clear design and operations recommendations for our clients.  Our technical consulting service includes the resolution of multiphase flow dynamics, slugging, erosion, wax, hydrates, emulsion and scale problems in subsea, pipeline and riser systems. Read More

Process Control Network


Process Control Network Security is Prevention of intentional or unintentional interference with the proper operation of industrial automation and control systems through the use of computers, networks, operating systems, applications and other programmable configurable components of the system. Read More

Project Management Consultancy

Within our management consultancy business, we support our clients by cutting through complexity to deliver results. We plan, design and deliver solutions that result in real value that meet cost, schedule and quality targets. Read More

Safety Instrumented System

A Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is a system comprising sensors, logic solvers and actuators whose purpose is to take a process to a safe state when normal predetermined set points are exceeded, or safe operating conditions are violated. Read More