Risk Based Inspection

Product Highlight

“Risk Based Inspection (RBI) uses risk as a basis for prioritizing and managing an Inspection program.” Inspection programs are developed to reduce risk exposure by focusing mitigation on high-risk items and optimizing resources by reducing focus on low risk items. PROMIA offers a fully user customizable and configurable tool for the assessment of risk, health and safety for process plants and other assets.

Model Configuration

  • Flexible and powerful Graphical User Interface for easy configuration and analysis
  • Custom model of calculation e.g. DNV, API, EEMUA
  • Custom type of methodology
  • Custom type of Risk Matrix
  • Powerful Function Builder for any type of calculation
  • Inspection Plan can be developed using any type of methodology
  • Work pack generated automatically
  • Custom Reporting System
  • Risk Profile and Inspection Budget Forecast
  • Data Browser for exploring data on database

Risk Assessment

  • Automatic calculation from Component Information Group
  • Different calculations to different models
  • Risk and Chart Distribution
  • Cascading calculation on each model

Inspection Plan

  • Customizable Inspection Plan
  • Custom type of Inspection Technique
  • Risk Profile and Resource Allocation
  • Inspection Budget Forecast
  • Inspection Cost
  • WorkPack
  • Risk Matrix Profile
  • Analyze Rate of Failure
  • Recalculate Probability of Failure

Function Builder

  • Powerful calculation for Component Information Group and Risk Model
  • Arithmetic Functions
  • System Functions
  • Logic Functions
  • User Defined Functions
  • Lookup Table Functions

Data Browser

  • Explore Component Information Group data
  • Explore Component Risk Information Data
  • Data Trending

Reporting System

  • Inspection Plan
  • Work pack
  • Damage Mechanism
  • Risk Summary
  • Custom Report
  • Flexible and powerful Graphical User Interface for easy configuration and analysis

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