Risk Based Inspection Training


Training Object

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Confidently explain the difference between Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 RBI grading
  • Understand the rationale and benefits of implementing RBI
  • Implement fast practical RBI
  • RBI project Success plan
  • Prepare a risk-based inspection plan and optimize maintenance intervals and inspection
  • Recommend suitable risk mitigation actions

Day One

• RBI Methodology Review
• Introduction to API RP 580
• Introduction to API RP 581
• Basic Risk Assessment Concepts
• Operating boundaries and limitations
• RBI Study: Estimating resources and time
• Data sources, data quality, data needs
• Assessing probability of failure
• Assessing consequences of failure

Day Two

• Risk determination, assessment, and management
• Common RBI problems and pitfals
• API 581: Scope and definitions
• API 581: Probability of Failure and Methodology
• API 581: Consequence of Failure and Methodology
• Damage Mechanisms
• Corrosion Monitoring
• Risk analysis and inspection planning
• RBI on Pressure vessels and piping

Day Three

• Risk-Based Inspection Planning
• Inspection plan development and implementation
• RBI rollout and management
• Risk-based decision making fundamentals and tools
• Case studies and calculation examples
• Inspection plan examples
• RBI key points and topics review and joint discussion

Training Facilities

Room training facilities for training, coffee break, lunch, and each participant will receive certificates, training materials and souvenirs.