Reliability Maintenance Training

Course Description

Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance [RCM] sets out to highlight and formalise the identification, categorisation and management of risk as part of the development of failure management and maintenance management plans.
Risk-Based RCM is focussed on firstly identifying the risks involved with possible failures, and then quantifying these risks. After that, the most appropriate and effective way of dealing with these direct physical and economic risks can be determined. In this way, the consequences of a failure can be avoided altogether, or they can be reduced to a tolerable level.

Course Objectives

To provide candidates with an introduction to the philosophy, theory and practical experience needed to implement and perform RCM analyses.

Course Outline

Introduction to Maintenance

  • The History of Maintenance.
  • The role of Maintenance in the new generation plants and operations.
  • The effect of automation and mechanisation on required availability and reliability.
  • The effect of automation and mechanisation on the requirement for safety and environmental integrity.
  • The effect of automation and mechanisation on the requirement for product and service quality.
  • The effect of automation and mechanisation on maintenance costs.

The Development of RCM

  • Traditional view.
  • RCM development history.

The Nature of Failures

  • Failure patterns.
  • Failure mechanisms associated with direct wear.
  • Failure mechanisms associated with erosion, corrosion, metal fatigue, etc.
  • Failure mechanisms associated with situations where initial forces are exerted on equipment during startup periods.
  • Failure mechanisms where there are no relationship between operating age and the likelihood of failure.
  • Typical cover-up work in shutdowns.
  • Failure mechanisms associated with some form of human error

The Meaning of Maintenance

  • Definition of maintenance.
  • Opportunity for maintenance to play a meaningful role.
  • Objective of maintenance.
  • The role of RCM in maintenance.
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