Production Data Management

FDC.NET is Oil and Gas production data management and reporting system that handles Automatic Data Capture as well as Manual Data Entry. It supports integration of Industrial Automation Facility and Corporate Wide Business Level Applications and enhances the Corporate Performance by providing fast and accurate production information.

FDC .NET system are includes instrument interfacing modules, user interface module for manual data entry, production database, task scheduler for programmed data transfer from field instruments or manual data entry station to corporate level database, system security and redundancy, data validation and expert system, custom applications, asset management modules, link to other applications, and integrated reporting and Data-Mart.

FDC .NET provides custom data entry modules that enable user to add, remove, or configure their data entry modules that fit for production daily report needs.


  • Time Effective โ€“ Daily Production Report ready at 6.00 am everyday
  • Reporting System with single click
  • Data Integrity โ€“ no multiple version anymore
  • Fast โ€“ Bandwidth Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Manage
  • Single Database for multiple asset
  • Single Application for all asset

Product Highlight

  • Automatic Data Captured from automation system (InSQL, PHD, PI, Excel, CSV)
  • Link to other application (OFM, FieldView, SAP) using Import-Export Data tools
  • Date Stamping (Historical Data)
  • Visual Representation
  • Data Browser with Graphical Trending
  • Enhanced Security
  • Integrated Security with Active Directory Windows
  • Asset Based Hierarchy
  • Group Based Security
  • Data Validations and Predefined Rules (Expert System)
  • Function Builder for creating custom formula
  • Tab Builder for creating custom table, field in data entry module
  • PFD Builder for visualizing data
  • Database tools

Offline Capabilities

FDC.NET has offline capabilities to store data locally to handle network communication problem between FDC.NET client and FDC.NET Server. If the network connection to the FDC Server is lost, then the Store & Forward function is automatically activated. Data is stored locally on client until connection to the Server is re-established. No data is lost. The Store & Forward function makes manual data entry convenient and secure.

The data-synchronization algorithm provides a good foundation; it handles synchronizing the offline creation, deletion, and modification of records

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