Seamless Connectivity for Smarter Operations, Resolving Integration Headaches!

Seamless Solutions for Data Harmony: Kepware’s Connectivity Expertise Solves Integration Challenges, Empowering Your Operations to Thrive

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Communication Challenges: The Roadblock to Industrial Automation Success

Disparate, edge-based, and legacy devices are unable to connect to each other or to enterprise business systems

Users must purchase, install, learn, maintain, and troubleshoot multiple communication solutions that have varying degress of complexity

Big Data and IoT platforms need to connect to industrial control systems remotely and securely.

Data may be poor quality, outdated, or lost.

Communication mediums between sources are often unreliable

Importance of Industrial Data Access

Access to real-time plant floor data enables companies to improve processes, drive productivity, make better decisions, and maintain a compectitive edge. Control engineers and executives need access to real-time data from industrial control equipment through their MES, SCADA, Big Data, and analytics solutions. A range of departments – including engineering, operations, quality assurance, IT, sales, supply chain, and accounting – can benefit from increased data access and visibility

Data Access

Kepware KepserverEX Offers


Secure, authenticated, and encrypted communications from client to device across various network topologies

simultaneous connections

Direct, simultaneous connections to clients, including ERP, MES, HMI, SCADA, mobile, Big Data, Enterprise Asset Management, analytics, and IoT platforms

streamlined interface

provides the convenience of installation, configuration, and support in one solution from a single vendor


to an ever-growing list of devices and applications in a scalable, secure architecture

Unlock the Value of a Single UI for Industrial Connectivity

KEPServerEX connects different devices and applications, from factory control systems to enterprise information systems. Let’s take a closer look at how to connect devices and applications from the shop floor to top floor support in a variety of use cases.

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KEPServerEX provides extensive connectivity to diverse industrial devices, networks, and software applications, enabling seamless integration and testing before deployment.

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KEPServerEX optimizes data transfer, balances network traffic, and enhances communication protocols to minimize network and device strain. It also supports M2M connectivity and redundancy.

Aggregation Icon


KEPServerEX streamlines data management by consolidating connections to numerous data sources and supplying information to countless applications through a unified architecture, eliminating the need for multiple connectivity solutions.

Accessibility Icon


KEPServerEX offers comprehensive data access through OPC, native protocols, and IT standards (MQTT, REST, ODBC, SNMP), enabling real-time and historical data retrieval.

Kepware Security Icon


KEPServerEX empowers administrators to granularly control user access and data exchange permissions, ensuring secure communications. It supports multiple secure client standards (SNMP, OPC, HTTPS) and device protocols (DNP3, SNMP, OPC UA) to enhance security.

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KEPServerEX provides robust communications diagnostics to easily isolate and troubleshoot device and application communications

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