Alarm Management

Alarm system is a crucial component in automatically monitoring the plant condition and attracting the attention of the process operator to significant changes that require an action. Alarm must be fit for purpose to prevent potential financial and safety related losses, and is displayed within operator’s ability to respond properly. Read More

Energy Monitoring System

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Deregulation in the energy market and the constant increase in electrical energy costs have led industries to perform Energy efficiency strategies. Read More

IIoT Solution for SCADA and Automation System

The IoT/IIoT is a network of intelligent computers, devices, sensors and objects that collect and share huge amounts of data. The collected data is sent to a central (Cloud or Premise) service where it is aggregated with other data and then shared with end users in a helpful way. The IIoT will revolutionize industries by enabling the acquisition and accessibility of far greater amounts of data, at greater speeds, and more efficiently than before. A number of innovative companies have started to implement the IIoT by leveraging intelligent, connected devices in their factories or plants. Read More

Performance Monitoring

SPC provides service to help ConocoPhillips Indonesia (COPI) in designing the KPIs solution and its functional specification for effectiveness. Even more importantly in that design, the metrics must be built into a performance measurement system that allows individuals and groups to understand how their behaviors and activities are fulfilling the overall corporate goals and reflect the existing department hierarchy. Read More

Production Data Management

FDC.NET is Oil and Gas production data management and reporting system that handles Automatic Data Capture as well as Manual Data Entry. It supports integration of Industrial Automation Facility and Corporate Wide Business Level Applications and enhances the Corporate Performance by providing fast and accurate production information. Read More

Risk Based Inspection

“Risk Based Inspection (RBI) uses risk as a basis for prioritizing and managing an Inspection program.” Inspection programs are developed to reduce risk exposure by focusing mitigation on high-risk items and optimizing resources by reducing focus on low risk items. PROMIA offers a fully user customizable and configurable tool for the assessment of risk, health and safety for process plants and other assets. Read More