Pipeline Simulation Training

Course Description

Pipeline Simulation delivers rapid and accurate offline Pipeline management design, planning and hydraulic analysis for natural gas and liquid pipelines through advanced state-of-the-art simulation techniques. The combination of both steady-state and transient hydraulic simulation within a feature graphical interface enables better understanding of even the most demanding problems by providing appropriate analysis of the process. Pipeline Simulation has been proven to be an effective decision support tool that really can deliver financial benefit to your organization. The optimization of the design of a pipeline to transmit fluids and gas involves a number of variables, which include pipe diameter, pressure, temperature, line length, space between pumping or compressor stations, required inlet and delivery pressures and delivery quantity. Each of these parameters influences the overall operating cost in some degree and the selection of one or more will determine the economics of the construction and operation of the system.

Course Outline

  • Pipeline System Introduction
  • Pipeline Transmission System
  • Pipeline Transmission System
  • Pipeline Distribution System
  • Real-time Monitoring System
  • Pipeline Optimization
  • Pipeline Simulation and Calculation :
    • Flow Assurance
    • Hydrate Detection
    • Condensate Formation
    • Wax Deposition
    • Debottlenecking Problem
    • Line pack Calculation
    • Pressure Drop calculation
    • Pressure Distribution Analysis
    • Compositional Tracking
    • Maximum pipeline capacities
    • Compressor Optimization

Laboratory Exercise

Pipeline simulation software


  • The fundamental knowledge you need to design and specify gas pipelines and components
  • Provide understanding of online/ real-time gas transmission & distribution monitoring systems
  • Provide understanding pipeline optimization of gas transmission & distribution

Who should attend ?

  • Engineers responsible for pipeline design or providing pipeline O&M support
  • Manager / Engineers responsible for pipeline operations and maintenance

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