Pipeline Management System


Intelligent Pipeline Solution specializes in flow assurance and process optimization.  We provide a unique blend of experience and dynamic simulation familiarity focused on distilling results into clear design and operations recommendations for our clients.  Our technical consulting service includes the resolution of multiphase flow dynamics, slugging, erosion, wax, hydrates, emulsion and scale problems in subsea, pipeline and riser systems.

Intelligent Pipeline Solution is a leading provider of flow assurance consulting services, including: transient multiphase flow simulation, dynamic topsides and process modeling, detailed thermal and hydraulic analysis, and hydrate/paraffin design and operational strategies.

Intelligent Pipeline Solution provides technical support for feasibility studies, conceptual design, preliminary and detailed design, hook-up and commissioning, operating guidelines, process de-bottlenecking, asset expansion and abandonment.


We provide these services in several capacities, including:

  • Real time  flow assurance modeling
  • Transient / Steady state analysis
  • Single Phase / Multiphase analysis
  • Condensate Detection
  • Wax Deposition
  • Hydrate Detection
  • Design and sizing of new pipelines and associated equipment such as compressor, heater and cooler
  • Operational scenario analysis for planning, emergency or upset analysis
  • Calculation of flow, pressure, temperature, gas properties along a pipeline
  • Look-ahead modeling
  • Line pack (inventory) calculation and survival time analysis
  • Composition tracking
  • Pig tracking
  • Leak simulation and  Model-based leak detection.
  • Minimization of compressor running cost
  • Provision of compressor line up and station pressure
  • Calculation of compressor fuel or power consumption
  • Planning of cost efficient operations
  • Process de-bottlenecking


  • Increase overall asset-wide production
  • Improve well & flow line performance
  • Improve pipeline & facilities design
  • Integrate field development & planning
  • Reduce operating & capital costs
  • Increase engineering productivity


  • Oil and gas gathering networks
  • Natural gas transmission and distribution
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Line sizing
  • Field planning and asset management studies
  • Steam injection networks
  • CO2 pipelines
  • Gas-lift analysis
  • Heat transfer analysis for heavy oil pipelines
  • Hydrate prediction
  • Aviation fuel systems
  • Turn-key provider of technical design and solutions
  • Flow assurance project management
  • Technical advisor

Intelligent Pipeline Solution is a specialized multiphase consultancy experienced in the application of advanced technology for the design and optimal operation of oil and gas production, pipeline and processing facilities.

Our consultants are recognized as world-class experts in flow assurance and combine strong analytical capabilities and innovative technology in transient multiphase flow, thermodynamics, dynamic process simulation, production chemistry, and computational fluid dynamics.

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