OSI PI System Training

Join our OSI PI System Training to master PI Server, Asset Framework, and PI Vision. Learn from experts and enhance your skills in system architecture, data management, and more.

Course Overview

Unlock the full potential of the OSI PI System with our comprehensive training, covering PI Server, Asset Framework, and PI Vision. Learn system architecture, data management, analytics, and visualization to optimize performance and security. Enhance your ability to analyze data, drive better decision-making, and improve operational efficiency.

Detailed Syllabus

PI Server System

  • Introduction to PI Server
  • PI System Components
  • System Architecture (High Availability, Failover ) + Data Flow
  • PI Interfaces Management
  • Data Archive Management
  • PI Buffer Sub System
  • PI System Security Management
  • PI Connectors
  • Maintenance (Backup, Data Validation, Healthiness Monitoring)

PI Asset Framework

  • Introduction
  • Element, Attribute & Template
  • Modelling & Organizing Assets
  • Analytics & Calculation
  • Event Frame Generation
  • Analyzing Events
  • Maintenance (Backup, Import / Export )

PI Vision

  • Introduction
  • Recap of PI Vision
  • Searching data from AF
  • Advanced Features of PI Vision Display
  • Managing PI Vision Display
  • Analyzing & Comparing Related Events
  • Maintenance (Backup / Restore, Migration)

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