Maintenance & Reliability

Development of Maintenance and Integrity System

Development of Maintenance and Integrity system   shall be based on management of Risk and Reliability. This to ensure that MIS is align with availability target of the facilty and also align with AIPSM requirement –Asset Integrity Process Safety Management.  It started with  Asset Register and evaluation of risk based maintenance , testing  or inspection is required and at what frequency to maintain the required equipment performance and integrity balanced against an accepatable cost, Maintenance Reference Planning ,  Turnaround  system , Equipment integrity system in place as suite to safeguard the fitness of equipmet such as presurised equipment, Structure and electrical equipment. Management of Efftive Maintenance execution. The analysis and improve cycle ensures that the strategies are optimised along the asset’s life cycle . Development of MIS is outlined in high level as follow :


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Development of  Asset Register

Asset register is a pre-requsite in developing MIS , a quality asset register shall be  hierarchy  structured following Plant Break Down structure  and meet with ISO 14224. Completeness of attributes, SCE identification and meet  with CMMS requirement.

Development Strategy Process:

To develop a risk based maintenance based on RCM for rotating equipment, RBI for static equipment and SIS for Intrument protecive function. These tool will create a cost effective maintenance strategy. A streamline  approach in strategy process  is used to accelerate the devevelopment of maintenance plan, inspection plan and testing plan with maintaining quality of he throuput.

Development Maintenance Reference Planning (MRP)

To manage long term planning    a visible planning for maintaining facility is required to give overall picture of facility expenditure along life cycle of asset.   The development of MRP based on ABCM- Activity Based Cost Model and sourced from thorughput of Maintenance Strategy Process.

Development of Execution Process  system

An effective Maintenance Execution system is required to ensure maintenance work cycle run along asset life cycle. Starting from work planning, execution and closing the work order.

A Turnaround system shall be in  place to maintain performance of facility  and Turnaround activity  can be executed in safe , on  time , meet the quality and in  costt effective manner.

Equipment Integrity System suite shall be in place to ensure fitness of Facilty of any static pressurized equipment, structure and Electrical equipment in Hazardous Area. These to make any inspection plan result is visible and fitness of equipment is calculated to give overall  Fitness  For Service of the Facility.

Development of Availability Improvement Process

To nurture spirit of Continuous Improvement alive in operations   thus Availability Improvement Process shall be in place to ensure any Threats to Availability  from any activities are well managed and mitigated along operations of the asset. So the overall of  Facility status is reported and   visible  to any multi stake holder and the Budget to fight this threats shall base on Availability Improvement  Process.

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