HangTuah Process Control System Upgrade

Project Name : HangTuah Process Control System Upgrade

Client : Transavia Otomasi Pratama

End User: ConocoPhillips Indonesia

Year : 2013



The Hangtuah platform acts as a Metering hub which delivers gas to ORF and DRF via WNTS’ pipeline facility. Metering is an important system which provides total gas will be delivered from supplier to buyer.

Currently, the Process Control System is obsolete and it will be replaced with new system. The existing control system was using PLC ControlLogix  CLX-L55 and Wonderware 7.11 as Human Machine Interface. In this project, CLX LL-55 is upgraded to CLX L-74 and all Wonderware system are upgraded to Allen Bradley PlantPax 6.1. PT Scada Prima Cipta (SPC) supported PT Transavia Otomasi Pratama (TOP) during design and project execution and the objective of this project are as follow:

  • Convert logic of BPCS to Function Block
  • Generate new HMI of BPCS
  • Configure FTAC
  • Configure Domain (PDC) of BPCS
  • FAT,SAT & Commissioning
  • Training (BPCS and FTAC)
  • Final Report



Scope of Works

  1. Basic Engineering
    • FDS of HMI BPCS
    • FDS of FTAC
    • FDS of PDC/Domain
  2. Detail Engineering
    • Finalized Logix of BPCS
    • Generate HMI of BPCS
    • Configure FTAC
    • Configure PDC
    • Validation & Test
    • Submitt approval of FAT Document
  3. Internal FAT
  4. FAT with ConocoPhillips Indonesia (End User)
  5. Rectify Punch List
  6. Submit approval of SAT Document
  7. SAT
    • Install PLC and cabling system
    • Integration PLC-OPC-HMI
    • SAT
  8. Commissioning
  9. Finalized Project Documentation
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