Gas Processing Course


Covers overall process of natural gas from the production field to process plant operations to achieve marketable products that meet desired product specifications/ Gas Sales Agreement (GSA); emphasis is placed on the principle of gas processes including gas dehydration, sweetening, fractionation and dew point. Process equipments also discussed, including heat exchanger, compressor, refrigerant package and case study using Gas Plant. Participants will have Hysys hands-on simulation refer to case study : Debutanizer/depropanizer

Covers the overall component in heat exchanger, compressor and refrigerant package including Gas Plant.


This short course is intended to understand fully the principles of gas plant process and equipments.

Course Outline
  • Characteristics of natural gas
  • Sales gas and product specifications
  • Vapour/Liquid separation
  • Compression
  • Gas dehydration and sweetening
  • Product fractionation (debutanizer and depropanizer)
  • Dew point control/liquids recovery
  • Flash calculation
  • Application of K Values
  • Refrigeration
  • Hands-on Hysys simulation :
    • Propone refrigeration loop
    • Belanak Case Study : Debutanizer/depropanizer
  • Introduction to process equipments
    • Heat Exchanger
    • Distillation column
    • Compressor and Pumps
    • Amine (Contactor and Stripper)
    • refrigeration package
    • gas plant
Laboratory Exercise
  • Hysys
Recommended Prerequisite

Knowledge in basic process and equipment.

What would you get?

Certificate, USB Flash-drive containing training material, Documentation, Lunch and refreshment

Who should attend?

• Process Engineer
• Mechanical Engineer
• Asset Integrity Engineer


3 Days

Course Agenda

Gas Processing

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