Energy Monitoring System


You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Deregulation in the energy market and the constant increase in electrical energy costs have led industries to perform Energy efficiency strategies.

Various energy efficiency programs have been implemented by the industry in order to improve operating efficiency and minimize carbon emissions. The simplest and most common practice is to reduce operating hours, although it may sacrifice convenience and, eventually, company’s profit. A more effective way is to monitor energy usage in real-time manner, and optimize equipment operating hours during peak load.

However, whatever strategies implemented, still requires the energy usage measurement and collecting its data, and perhaps recording the data for analysis. This led to a fast growing demand of energy metering, especially electrical metering. We propose electrical energy metering utilizing Carlo Gavazzi products.

Carlo  Gavazzi  Automation  is  a  multinational  electronics  group  active in  the  design,  manufacture  and marketing  of  electronic  equipment targeted  at  the  global  markets  of industrial and building automation. Carlo  Gavazzi  Automation have headquarters in Europe and  numerous  offices  around  the world. Carlo  Gavazzi  Automation products are installed in a huge number of applications all over the world and more  than  80  years  of  successful operation.

Energy Monitoring Solutions

We have several solutions that suits to customer needs for energy monitoring system :

Customer who need to have power meters with high class accuracy and able to interface via serial communication for data monitoring purpose can use Carlo Gavazzi WM30-96.

WM30-96 is a three phase smart modular power quality analyser with 0.2 class accuracy, built-in advanced configuration system and LCD data displaying. It has MODBUS RS-232/RS-485 communication module that were able to connect and integrate with building automation systems or SCADA system. Not only measures electrical energy usage, it also measures Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) up to 32th harmonic.

Customer with tight budget needs low price reliable power analysers for measuring the electrical variables can use Carlo Gavazzi WM14-96 Power Meter “Basic Version”.

WM14-96 “Basic Version” is 3-phase power analyser with built-in programming keypad measure electrical variables including kWh.

Customer who still needs harmonic measurement can use the “Advanced Version” of WM14-96 Power Meter.

The electrical consumption data can be retrieved by BMS or SCADA system through serial RS-485 port, using MODBUS RTU protocol. With the retrieved data, measured system performance can be monitored and evaluated.

Web-based Energy Monitoring Solutions

VMU-C EM is a modular micro PC with Web-server and FTP push capability suitable for gathering electrical variables information from up to 32 power meter/analyzer.

The FTP push function enables a FTP based communication from VMU-C to an external FTP server (owned by the end user), so to transmit in a simple and standard way a predefined set of data (using CSV format).  In this case data are gathered and logged by VMU-C from the energy meters and VMU modules in the field and, following a schedule or a trigger, are grouped into a file and uploaded to the defined FTP server; the upload action is repeated in case of failure.

In addition to the protocol, VMU-C can communicate data in M2M (machine to machine) scenario also via HTTP protocol and communicate with SCADA using MODBUS protocol.

VMU-C EM provides information in a quick and automatic glance via the internet using a standard browser, so the data is available from anywhere. VMU-C  EM  shows information  on  the  electrical plant such as: V, A, kW, kWh, kvar, kvarh, Hz, PF, etc. and additional  information  such as  temperature  or  analogue signals (using additional module).

All data are available as graphs and numbers in formatted tables.  VMU-C performs alarms control, managing also automatic email and SMS when combined with VMU-W module (GSM module).  All available  data  can  be  exported in  an  XLS compatible  format so  to  be  imported  in  standard spread sheets for further analysis.


Typical Architectures

Sample Web Page

Web-based Monitoring System

Sample XLS file generated from Web Browser

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