DCS (Distributed Control System) Course


Incorporating new technology while attempting to simplify the added complexity is a major challenge for today’s control systems. The DCS system was designed from scratch, to be a single solution for the discrete world and the analog world. In this training program, all aspects of a complete DCS operation and programming will be discussed.

This course is intended to understand fully the principles, applications, design and troubleshooting of distributed control system.


After the completion of this training, the participant should be able to use and apply DCS terminology and acronyms, understand the functions of DCS Hardware Components, understand the capabilities of DCS Software Applications, perform a basic workstation operations including accessing displays, interpreting faceplates and accessing modules to make process changes, responding to alarms and observing/changing tunable configuration parameters, and troubleshooting problem in cases.

Course Outline
  • Introduction to DCS
    • DCS Hardware Component and architecture
    • Hardware Installations and Design
    • Best Practice : System Architecture
    • Basic Logic Programming
    • Basic HMI Programming
  • Engineering, Design and development
    • Logic programming
      • Function Block
      • Customize Function Block
      • Global object function block
      • Download/upload
  • HMI programming
    • Create and design application
    • Setup communication
    • Setup screen and Tag
    • Setup alarm
    • Setup data logging and trending
    • Optimize tag using global object
    • Setup redundant system
    • Setup security
  • Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting
    • Diagnostic
    • Online Modification
    • Backup and Restore
Laboratory Exercise
  • DCS Hardware
  • HMI
  • Simulator
Recommended Prerequisite

Basic knowledge of control system, process measurement and control, connectivity protocols, PLC, and Industrial LAN Network may be helpful, but is not required.

What would you get?

Certificate, USB Flash-drive containing training material, Notebook, T-Shirt, Backpack, Documentation, Lunch and refreshment

Who should attend?

This class is ideal for instrument and control system engineer/technician, supervisors and other individuals charged with the responsibility of deploying and/or maintaining DCS.


4 Days

Course Materials

Course note set with slides from course modules

Course Agenda



Dr. Ir. Edi Leksono, M.Eng and Team

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