Energy Monitoring ™

Various energy efficiency programs have been implemented by the industry in order to minimize carbon emissions and to improve operating efficiency. The simplest and most common practice is to reduce operating hours, although it may sacrifice convenience and, eventually, company’s profit. A more effective way is to monitor energy usage in real-time manner, and optimize equipment operating hours during peak load using Energy Monitoring ™.

Measurement of electricty consumption and power quality covers the followings:

  • kWH , kVAH , kVARH
  • kW, kVA , kVAR
  • PF / Cos Ө
  • Harmonic / THD
  • Time / Operating hour

Energy Monitoring™ system comprises a complete set of software and hardware. Software package visualizes and analyzes real time data from measurement points at the MDP (Main Distribution Panel) and SDP ( Sub-Distribution Panel). The hardware equipment measures the electricity consumptions and at the same time measures the quality of electric power being consumed.


Energy Monitoring ™

System Sistem Energy Monitoring ™ analyzes the profile and manages the optimization of electricity usage by the system as a whole.
Applications of Energy Monitoring™ System

The energy monitoring™ system can manage and optimize power usage of various systems, e.g.:

  • Industry : Processing Plants, Manufacturing Floors
  • Commercial Buildings : Offices & Hotels
  • Public Facilities : Hospitals , Universities


Energy Monitoring™

Product Capabilities :

  • Management & optimization of electrical power usage
  • Real time monitoring of electricity consumptions and the quality of consumed power
  • Recording and profile analysis of power usage: daily, monthly, yearly
  • Early identification power quality issues
  • Reporting of billing and forecasting of power

General Specifications :

  • Can be implemented to all electrical distribution installations on MDP / SDP panels with 0-600 VAC voltage and current 0-3000 Ampere or above.
  • Realtime measurements of kWH, kVAH, kVARH, A , V , Watt, PF
  • Load profile graphical analysis :
    • Load profile data graphic
    • Profile comparison graphics on daily & monthly loads
    • Realtime energy graphic & billing data
    • Forecast energy & billing data
  • Measurement data is stored in local databse and can be exported / imported to/from other database systems
  • Equipped with systems to perform online analysis of power quality as a basis to forecast operational costs
  • Can be integrated to BAS systems using standard communication protocol (e.g., TCP/IP & Modbus)
  • Reporting with flexible formats: Excel , PDF, etc
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