Alarm Management System Course


Are you being challenged to provide evidence of alarm management?
Has the safety or performance of your alarm systems been questioned?
Do you know if your operators are burdened with too many alarms and how this might be improved?
Could you miss key safety or environmental alarms during an incident?

Alarm systems themselves need to be managed; the alarm system needs to be configured in a consistent manner so that the operator is in a position to take the most appropriate action.

A practical approach to alarm management takes you through the full alarm lifecycle covering the Projects, Operations and Maintenance phases.


After completing this training program, the participant should be able to understand why alarm system should be managed which is include :

• Better understand the value and role of alarms
• Develop an alarm philosophy and design and implement an alarm schedule / database
• Apply requirements and good practice to the identification, specification and design of new alarms
• Have an understanding of the need and benefits of performance measurement and what tools are available
• Have an understanding of the continuous improvement cycle for alarm management

Course Outline

  • Standards & Guidance; ASM, ISA, HSE.
  • The course is based on the requirements of ISA 18.2, supplemented as appropriate by the good practice guidance contained in EEMUA 191.
  • The alarm management lifecycle; requirements, recommendations and good practice for alarm identification, specification, design and implementation, including human factors and HMI design.
  • Alarm system documentation; alarm philosophy, alarm system requirements specification and master alarm database.
  • Setting of performance targets.
  • Alarm monitoring and logging tools. Alarm analysis techniques.
  • Managing your alarm system for continuous improvement; the role of performance measurement, monitoring and review.
  • Advanced alarm management, tools and techniques, risk / benefit considerations.

Laboratory Exercise

• Alarm rationalization software

What would you get?

Certificate, USB Flash-drive containing training material, Documentation, Lunch and refreshment 

Who should attend?

Instrument / Control System Engineer responsible for SCADA, DCS and PLC.


3 Days

Course Agenda


Dr. Ir. Edi Leksono, M.Eng and Team

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